And then he got drunk … (Part1)

He is in the street again; down from my apartment He is drunk again and shouting my name at the top of his lungs.  He will just create a scandal and make a big fuss with all the neighbors. I don't switch on the lights... I don't want him to see that I am awake.... Continue Reading →

After the break up

What am I supposed to do after this break up? I mean, we have been together for the last 4 years… which is a long period. Should I act like nothing happened? Like all the memories will vanish during the night and I will be a new person starting from tomorrow? I am a freak,... Continue Reading →

My victory, my loss

Her name is "Intissar". Roughly translated, it means victory. When we were dating, I always had this lame joke, that she was my victory in life. I told her that my victory was meeting her and then falling in love with her. I told her that the true victory was when she was by my... Continue Reading →

Histoire d’aéroport

L'aéroport,  ou l'endroit le plus heureux du monde et à la fois celui le plus triste, selon les cas. Pour elle, c'était à la fois l'endroit le plus triste et le plus terrifiant à la tragique aussi. Ce vol allait marquer un tournant dans sa vie et le pire: elle n'allait même pas le... Continue Reading →

Treasure Hunt – Hint #2

Hint 1 Here  I automatically walked to the sink, to clean up a bit, and I found the 2nd letter, where I wanted to put the clean dish back. "You cleaned that dish? Nice move… you don't do that much lately .... Now, think think think…. Think about the good old days. Days that count!... Continue Reading →

Des vacances pas comme les autres

La plage magnifique s'étendait à vue d'oeil. La mer était d'une couleur bleue claire que je n'avais jamais vu auparavant. Même si j'y passais la majorité du temps durant ces 4 derniers jours, je m'émerveillais à chaque fois devant ce paysage et je n'arrivais toujours pas à m'habituer à toute cette beauté. Finalement, je passais... Continue Reading →

Eclater sa bulle

Et si j'éclatais sa petite bulle? Je pense que si je parlais, je ferais exploser son petit monde parfait en mille morceaux, ou plus. Je pense que si je parlais, elle va commencer par craqueler, puis s'effondrer parfaitement. Je pense que si je parlais, elle sera meurtrie, brisée à jamais, et elle pourra ne jamais... Continue Reading →

I miss you

I miss you like crazy, it's so insane When I miss you, I think of you and our shared memories. I try to remember your face, in its smallest details, your laugh, the way you moved your hands, the way your face tilted when you heard something weird, the way your eyes looked at me.... Continue Reading →

Treasure Hunt

Game start Oh, I'm so tired; I can't wait to relax a little bit at home. Those are the thoughts in my mind right now, as I step out of my car. I hope Maya had prepared some good stuff to eat. I'm starving as well. When I reach the threshold, something unfamiliar attracts my... Continue Reading →

A woman’s vengeance

A women's vengeance is cruel, ruthless and merciless. Because when she gives, she gives her all. And when she is betrayed, she has to retrieve it all, at the same proportions or worse. Many of her fiends advised her to remain calm: "Do nothing, what goes around comes back around". She would often hear: "He... Continue Reading →

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