[K-Drama Review] Pinocchio

Hello wind followers! Miss me much ? this is N again, coming for a review of a great drama (sorry for the pause, studies have been harsh lately)…. I have the impression that I start all my articles with an apology :/ sorry for that (yep, another one right here) I’ll try to post things more... Continue Reading →

2014 … the year that made K-Pop Fans freak out !

This is N reporting again and happy new year to all of you 😀 May the wind always be in your favor ! All the K-pop fans out there are aware that 2014 wasn’t an easy year… Each week, we would wake up to a new scandal, a breaking news or a tearful tragedy… most... Continue Reading →

[Anime Review] Ao Haru Ride

This time, it is not N reviewing, it is KazeYoja… Yes, same old me! I will be reviewing a much anticipated anime: Ao Haru Ride (also known as Blue Spring Ride). Why was it anticipated? The manga had a great success (especially among girls) and many fans were waiting impatiently for the anime version to... Continue Reading →

[K-Drama Review] Doctor Stranger

Hello K-Drama fans !! N here again with the reviews for the latest releases! Well, not the latest for this one but it is pretty much recent! One of the main dramas for 2014, mixing romance with politics, action, suspense and humor… we will review Doctor Stranger. The drama was broadcasted on SBS, from May to... Continue Reading →

[Anime Review] No Game No Life

Hello, this is N reporting again ! Today, I am not going to talk about something K-drama related; I am going to review an anime! I know you are surprised: you though I didn’t watch anime!  Well I do, I watch anime a lot (not as much as I want and I still don’t consider myself... Continue Reading →

[K-Drama Review] I hear Your Voice

Annyong everyone^^ This is N. While KazeYoja was having fun at the “Otaku Market” with all the cosplays and purchasing Manga and K-Pop related goodies, I was having fun my own style :p Of course, I was watching K-Dramas and I am back with a review of one of my favorite ones so far: “I... Continue Reading →

[K-Drama Review] Emergency Couple

Hello, this is N again ^^ Sorry for not being able to post articles more often… I have been busy with exams and actual life! Now that the main issues are over, I am back and I will try to keep posting interesting reviews ! Soooo, today I want to talk about an amazing K-drama:... Continue Reading →

[K-Pop] April 2014 releases

Hello all this is N again ^^ This time, I couldn’t decide which K-Pop song to talk about! Too many releases during this month and many memorable songs!! So, in order not to make this an endless article about how much talented K-Pop groups are, I will just focus on 3 : Infinite, VIXX and... Continue Reading →

[K-Pop Review] EXO – Overdose

Hello everyone 🙂 Disclaimer: I decided to invite a friend of mine for this week’s review… she insisted on EXO so I told her “do it yourself, I am not talking about them… I don’t need angry fans on my blog :p “. Yes yes Exotics are really nice but turn into angry wolves whenever something... Continue Reading →

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