MAMICS : when Moroccan Mangakas unite [Part 2]

During the last post, I introduced you to MAMICS, a Facebook page that represents young Moroccan Mangakas. I also shared the portrait of Imad, the founder, along with Badr.

In this article, we will continue discovering other talented members and their works!

Starting with Ilyass:

I am Ilyass Koundi, I’m 23 years old and I study at the institute of fine art, along with Badr. I’m a freshman there so there is a lot to study and take in.

I don’t want to sound like a cliché but I started drawing since childhood. I discovered the anime universe at age 15, I guess, and I got hooked instantly. It was like giving meaning to all my drawings.  I couldn’t get enough of fight scenes and all the animation involved. So, expectedly, I started copying, mimicking the technics I could recognize in Japanese Mangas. I still enjoy them now; my favorite being Hunter X Hunter (the 99 version to be specific).

I am constantly working on my drawings, trying to make them perfect.

What took you from drawings to creating a whole manga?

Hum there where steps leading to that and also many factors.

First & obviously, there is my love for the drawing and the manga world in general. Then, I guess I have what is called the “God complex”. It’s the ability to create, destroy and alter a whole story or universe, just because I can and I am in control of it. so, there are no limits, expect the ones of my imagination.

The manga I am currently working on is called “Slither !“. I was always a big fan of the post-apocalyptic genre; like city ruins, famine, pandemics, etc. So, I encored my manga in this world. 

“In a post-apocalyptic world, only few humans remain; they are doing whatever they can to survive and protect themselves and the loved ones from the new threatening danger: the serpents… flying serpents! Equipped with an ancient WW2 sniper rifle, Wolfgang swears to find the serpent that kidnapped his 4 years old daughter.”

I am aiming for it to have 12 chapters and I only posted the first few pages here and there, including MAMICS. I posted the first 6 pages at an exposition in Tangiers, called “Live Room”. I exposed only the first 6 pages since it was the terms set by administrations. I had many positive reviews so I’m planning on keeping up that work and publishing the rest steadily. My dream would be publishing it the “traditional way”: printed version.

Nevertheless, lately I had a sudden interest for one page comics.

But that, that will be in another article 😉

Extract from “Slither!” 


Let’s move on to meeting Mohamed Ali:

I’m Mohamed Ali Ouaharra, an 18 years old high school student. My story started actually with drawing and “creating” some stories. I say “creating” between brackets because I used to draw characters, small scenes but they were all just scribbles at the footnotes or the margins of my books, nothing serious.

In 2014, I discovered the anime & manga worlds and it was as if a revelation came to me: that is what I wanted to do and that is where I should orient my passion. 

Naturally, I came back to all the ideas I had before and decided to adapt that into one story, following manga techniques. Before 2013, as I said, there were only scribbles and cut scenes, without any link between them or any motive for the characters. From the moment I saw mangas, I decided to work on these stories and make them follow a script, a general flow to the whole storyline.

So, after 4 years of work on my craft, I was finally able to publish the first 3 chapters of my manga “EVOPOWER“.

I’ve always been fascinated by super powers and heroes having extraordinary abilities. Since I started drawing, all characters and ideas were connected to these super powers. “EVOPOWER” is, logically, related to that as well.

Each character has an “EVO” (a super power) linked to something and he has a mission, a quest to fulfill. During each character’s journey, he meets other people, he has to achieve some personal goals… so, there are many interactions, fight scenes, but also the story advances slowly with the main characters.


Frankly speaking, I think those 3 chapters didn’t meet my expectations. I didn’t work on any scenario or storyboards, it was just me drawing as I felt it. Hence, the overall work doesn’t seem to be of a good quality. Right now, I am reworking on everything, in a more organized and professional manner. I am using the techniques that should be applied and trying to advance as I go on with chapters.

I gave myself a great challenge, since I am aiming to publish a long series, maybe counting more than 400 chapters. It’s gonna be defying all the effort I have done so far but it is my way of delivering better stories to readers. I know it is hard and will require long perseverance, but I feel I am up to it.

And how did you meet MAMICS’s team and why joint it?

I don’t exactly remember the details. All I can recall is that I was working alone, and one day I found myself in a group chat with Imad & Badr. They suggested to create a group af Moroccan mangakas to work together. Each one of us will be working on his own manga but we will support each other and publish collectively, through the Facebook page, and ultimately a web site or a real set of mangas. Other boys joined us and the adventure is still ongoing!


Speaking of other members, the youngest one is Amine Messoudi.

Hello, I am Amine from Casablanca. I am 17 years old.

I’m working on “Zombies World“, the manga that I started writing in 2016. Funny enough, the initial idea is not even mine! My cousin dreamed about zombies and he told me his dream. Right away, I saw the potential to develop a story out of and expand it a little bit to suit a manga. I thought about mangas instantly because I am passionate about drawing and about the Japanese mangas, in general. I thought that zombie concept fit perfectly to my vision of the manga so I started working on it since.


In the future, economic & epidemic crises threaten humanity. In order to give more survival chances to humans, scientists develop viruses aiming to give superpowers to humans. Out of the 9 experiments conducted, 8 gave birth to super humans while 1 created a zombie, threatening the world. 5 years later, Adrian, our hero and one of the super humans, tells the story of how the 7 others got separated, how the zombies took over the world, and embarks in a quest to restore a brighter future for humans.

You can read it here! 

As I published the first chapter online, MAMICS members were the first one to provide comments and constructive criticism. Later on in 2017, they invited me to join the group. Just like any other member may have told you before, I loved the idea and I am glad to be part of this community that shares my passion and thrives towards the same goal.

I am still a beginner in drawing mangas, MAMICS is an opportunity to work more on my techniques while benefitting from the experience of the people who were there before me.

This is part 2 of our discovery of that talented & motivated group…

Visit MAMICS’ Facebook page here

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