Stick with me

I was on the phone for 2 hours with a stranger and it was the best conversation I have ever had…

Lately, I was feeling down and sad. I was stuck in this hospital for a month now, with no signs of getting out any soon. It started to get on my nerves. My friends were visiting me, at first, promising to come back. But life must have taken over and all these promises faded away. Only my parents kept coming, I didn’t know if it was more out of duty or love, but I could clearly see how energy draining this was.

So, when this messenger’s little box popped up, I decided to give it a try. This stranger didn’t put any picture. Fishy, right? But what did I have to lose? I was only trying to pass time. We talked for a bit, just the basic introductions. After a short while, he asked for my phone number. Always in this optic of passing time and having nothing to lose, I gave it to him ; something I would never have done if I was “normal”, not ill and stuck in ahospital for days.

That is how we ended up talking for 2 hours. It was magical… as if we knew each other for a long time. We had many things in common and had the same hobbies.

The next day, he came to visit! I couldn’t believe my eyes.  He brought me flowers and muffins, my favorites. He stayed for the whole day. Since the time I was admitted in this hospital, it was the first nice day, the first one where I wasn’t bored, thanks to him.

Later on, he explained to me that asking for a girl’s number after 2 minutes of chatting was unuasual to him as well. He was just busy and couldn’t keep chatting so he decided to go for it and ask for a conversation over the phone instead of delaying it. I thanked him for that.

Unlike my friends, he was the one who stuck with me. He visited me twice a week and talked to me every day, on the phone, for hours.

Me, who gave up on getting out of here, was planning activities and having projects with him. I could see beyond my sickness and started hoping for better days.

But nothing is perfect! My illness got worse and my days in this hospital got longer, foggy and painful. Even his visits, that used to cheer me up, transformed from long talks to him sitting next to me and my sleeping, due to the pain killers.

The only thing I can remember, the short moments when I was awake in his presence, is him holding my hand and telling me a simple sentence: “stick with me“.

That gave me courage to fight; those words had a powerful impact on me. I had finally found someone who cared. Someone who truly cared enough to not let me go, despite our short encounters. These words kept me alive. He kept me alive.

Now, we sit in this coffee place that I found by luck. We look at the sign on the wall and we exchange a look. A look that means we understand what it means and what it represents for us.

The sign reads: “stick with me“.

Written in response to the Creative Writing Ink Prompt April 19th

Reviewed by the inspiring Anthony Onugba! He says : “Her [Whindy] creativity and unique sense of character development and plot construction are quite amazing. She employs the use of twists which adds up to the suspense. In addition, her stories reveal several moral and philosophical issues and lessons. She is able to make the reader to question reality and to have a rethink about certain concepts and their definitions. From Stick with Me, we can extract friendship, love and loyalty.

Thanks for making time to read my story & Review it!

You can read the full review here


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