L’inconnue à la fossette

Me voilà devant la porte de l’hôpital. J’avais repoussé ce jour de toutes mes forces, j’avais préféré commencer un traitement de médicaments, plutôt que de venir ici. Malheureusement, contrairement à toutes mes prières, les médicaments n’étaient pas suffisants et il me fallait absolument faire des séances de rééducation ou de « massages » comme les décrivaient mon... Continue Reading →

Doctor’s appointment

I am sitting at this waiting hall, patiently waiting for my turn to see the doctor. I was stressed lately and thought that my mind was about to burst. All my friends said it was the stress finally getting the best of me, and slowly eating up my body. The doctor is the solution; whatever... Continue Reading →

Treasure Hunt – Hint #3

READ the first Hints Here: 1 & 2 There must be something linked to these 3 numbers in the house. I stood up and started walking, trying to spot any post-it or anything linked to numbers. A small box caught my eyes. It was put at the center of the table, at the living room.... Continue Reading →

Stick with me

I was on the phone for 2 hours with a stranger and it was the best conversation I have ever had… Lately, I was feeling down and sad. I was stuck in this hospital for a month now, with no signs of getting out any soon. It started to get on my nerves. My friends... Continue Reading →

Facebook is pure evil

As any other day, I start by taking a quick peak at Facebook. I love to see if anything happened while I was asleep, any birthday to celebrate, any messages that I need to respond to, any incident that happened and I need to share my indignation as well. As the application slowly opens, the... Continue Reading →

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